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7th July – 27th August 2023

Are You Spartacus

Are You Spartacus

Graduation Exhibition

Graduation Exhibition

Openging: 6th July, 6:30pm


On the Appian Way, Spartacus and his rebel army have just been decimated. Cornered by the ambitious Senator Crassus and his loyal counter forces, the rebel is issued an ultimatum: Identify Spartacus dead or alive and the rest of the rebellious slaves will be spared.

After 6 long months of fiercely engaging in ideological and spiritual power struggles between the students and their course leader, Are You Spartacus creativity thinking course has now reached its ultimate conclusion, and destinies of the 5 individuals are about to reveal themselves. At time of writing, a black swan event has already taken place, paving the way for an unexpected, even explosive outcome. The stake of this graduation show has just gone up another notch: there will be blood, and some.

Some say, knowing the path is vastly different from walking the path. Without a good understanding on why we do what we do under the sun, we’ll also fail to substantiate the how and what. Thus continue to be lost in a sea of contradictions and confusions, unable to escape the vicious cycle of the current sad state of affairs. The past 6 months will cease to have any meaning; the name Spartacus will be inevitably erased and fade into oblivion, sooner not later.

It is therefore with a sadden heart to announce here in advance of the news of the fall of 2 Spartans.

Still, the show must go on. In a surprising twist of fate, the film crew of the video documentary came forth, challenged the Spartacus high council for their role to fulfil that epic destiny, to prove to the public what it means to be Spartacus: it’s ideal or nothing, be it death or glory. Reminding us of the parable of the wedding feast (Matthew 22:1-14). We also think it’s about equality and inclusivity.

Together, this 4 members film crew will collectively create a site specific installation to express their resulting thoughts and feelings from the past 6 months, reflecting on the same questions which were put before each student: What is the message the artist is trying to convey through art-making? How to communicate and influence the viewers in order the share their personal impressions? Does the work manage to reflect the artist’s intention, sentiment, emotion and perspective in a profound artistic and personal capacity? In short: Why do we want to make art?

Two specially commemorated tributes will be created and featured in the exhibition, in remembrance to the 2 fallen Spartans, apropos to their fruitless proposals.

Are You Spartacus

Are You Spartacus








學生們和課程導師經歷長達6個月的激烈思辨和精神鬥爭,Are You Spartacus創意思維課程現已進入最後直路階段,5位學生的命運即將揭曉。在撰寫本文之際,意想不到的黑天鵝事件卻恰恰發生並導致一個爆炸性的結果。這場畢業展下的賭注又升一個層次,空氣中瀰漫著血濃的腥臭……


正所謂「知易行難」,如果不能清楚認知我們每天在太陽底下做事的原因,我們如何做和做什麼均沒有意義 – 就這樣繼續迷失在一片矛盾和混沌之中,無法逃脫目前悲劇般的惡性循環,而過去的6個月將不再有任何意思;Spartacus這個名字遲早也難免在歷史中悄然消逝, 並扔到人性被遺忘的幽暗角落去。




儘管如此,這已是破釜沉舟之際。而命運卻又是如此的顛沛流離曲折離奇,這部紀錄片的拍攝團隊由幕後踏上幕前,向Spartacus評審會表態提出完成史詩般的命運,向大家成就Spartacus意味著什麼:是崇高理想還是什麼都不是;是死亡還是榮耀。此時此刻,大家可參考耶穌基督闡明婚宴的比喻 (馬太福音 22:1-14)。這次的插曲更與平等與兼容有關。


這 4 名攝製組成員將共同創作一個特別裝置,來表達他們過去 6 個月的想法和感受,並反思擺我們在每位學生面前的相同問題:藝術家試圖通過創作傳達什麼信息?如何用作品與觀眾溝通來表達藝術家與他人無關的純個人理念?作品是否真實反映創作者的藝術視野及個人氣質, 演譯出意圖、情感、情感和視角?簡而言之:我們為什麼要創作藝術?


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