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Devil Inside

11th February – 12th March 2023

Valnoir. Nether subject nor object. Possibly maybe one of those violent, dark revolts of being, directed against some sort of threat that seems to emanate from an exorbitant outside or inside, dejected beyond the scope of the possible, the tolerable, the thinkable. Valnoir stays close, but cannot be assimilated, and instead beseeches, worries, fascinates its viewers.

Valnoir. A coup d'oeil of the devil inside - misleads, corrupts, takes advantage and denies. Creates at the behest of death, kills in the name of art. The devil inside shows up in order to compensate for the collapse of everything between outside and inside, turning sin into living beauty, the demoniacal dimension of the pagan sight and occult sound, presenting to the viewers a gift of its void, carrying its horror, its full power into effect.

Valnoir and his design studio Metastazis have produced a tour de force of some of the most visually challenging artworks designs for a vast array of artists and musicians, from extreme underground music scenes, such as noise, industrial and black metal groups including Alcest, Amorphis, Arcturus, Behemoth, Blut Aus Nord, Laibach, Morbid Angel, Samael, Secrets of the Moon, Sunn O))), The Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium, Ulver, Urfaust, Watain, and Led Zeppelin. An active NSK (Slovenian collective) citizen, Jean-Emmanuel “Valnoir” Simoulin is also a video director and has been involved with projects in cooperation with the North Korean State.


Valnoir · Paris · Hong Kong · Hades

Valnoir is coming to town to join us in person for the special opening of Devil Inside, with premiere of new video of Neo Inferno on 11th February 2023.



貳零貳叁年貳月拾壹日 至 叁月拾貳日





Valnoir和他的設計工作室Metastazis曾為許多藝術家和音樂家製作了一些最具視覺挑戰性的藝術作品設計,包括極端的地下音樂,如噪音音樂,工業音樂和黑色金屬團體,包括Alcest, Amorphis, Arcturus, Behemoth, Blut Aus Nord, Laibach, Morbid Angel, Samael, Secrets of the Moon, Sunn O)),The black Dahlia Murder, Trivium, Ulver, Urfaust, Watain和Led ZeppelinJean-Emmanuel "Valnoir" Simoulin更是一名活躍的NSK(Slovenian collective)公民,同時是導演一名,參與了北韓政府的合作項目。


Valnoir · 巴黎 · 香港· 陰曹地府

Valnoir將遠道法國而來於2023211日出席The Catalyst《鬼揞眼》的開幕晚會,當晚亦將首映他為Neo Inferno所創作的MV

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