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We are glad to bring you our upcoming exhibition:  Dialogue: Q&A, curated by The Academy of Visual Arts, The School of Creative Arts (AVA, SCA) of Hong Kong Baptist University. 


"Dialogue: Q&A" invites 18 emerging local artists to participate in a dual-location exhibition: "Joint" located in Wan Chai and "The Catalyst" located in Sheung Wan, to answer hollow questions with diverging yet meaningful answers. How do we answer meaningless questions like "How are you"? Rarely with the honest truth, "Q&A" presents a multitude of possible answers to the shallow greetings with a theme influenced by daunting morning queries, followed by profound evening contemplations.

Participating Artists

Angelique Santos 艾安琪/ Buddeemee Surachet 黎才進/ Chan Pui Hei 陳珮熹/

Chong Hiu Wing 莊曉穎/ Choy Hoi Ying 蔡愷盈/ Fong Hin Nam 方顯楠/

Fong Tsz Ho 方子豪/ Ho Man Kei 何敏琪/ Lam Hoi Yan 林凱欣/

Lau Sze Nga 劉思雅/ Law Ka Yan 羅嘉欣/ Ma Pak Yin 馬柏妍/

Nok Yan Ng 吳諾昕/ Shum Hok Kiu 沈學翹/ Tong Ming Lam 唐明林/  

Tse Hiu Lam 謝曉琳/ Wong Wing Tung 王穎彤/ Yuen Lai Yi 阮麗怡

*Shuttle Bus Service (25 NOV | 5 - 9 pm at 15 -20 minutes Interval)

Shuttle bus service is available to invited guests, travelling among (1) Joint (2) The Catalyst.

Please show your e-invitation before boarding.

*穿梭巴士 (11 月 25 日 | 下午 5 - 9 點,間隔 15 -20 分鐘)
受邀客人可使用穿梭巴士服務,往返於 (1) Joint (2) The Catalyst 之間。

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