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Spartacus, would you fight on your feet, or cry on your knees? It's now or never!

《Are you Spartacus》是我們3rd Wave藝術計劃的第三個課程:繼承了史詩式悲劇的英雄意志,是一個集記錄拍攝、教育課程、展覽和藝術獎項於一身的計劃。任何有志嘗試解答這個簡單問題的人,都必須具備一雙能重新客觀審視個人與世界、現有及既成支,離破碎的價值觀的眼睛,直視心靈的赤裸,意識這個世界日復日永無間斷的殘酷衝擊-對痛苦的恐懼、改變的迷惘,對未知的不安 - 而這個計劃正正是提供一個舞台,從有限中再次展現出無限的可能。
ARE YOU SPARTACUS, the 3rd Course of our 3rd Wave art programme, is a project coalescing television, education programme, exhibition & art prizes, to ask a simple question where any attempt for an answer will require one to bear the risks of re-examining our fundamental relationship not only to the world, but most importantly with ourselves: a state of psychological nakedness, the realisation of the fear that’s been dictating the narrative up until now. Fear of pain, fear of change, fear of the unknown which has led us to a here without now and consequently, without future.


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