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2023. 05. 06

Double Trouble Mano e Mano

Katz Mulk(UK) & Feaston(HK)

An Aural-Spectacle excursion with Katz Mulk (UK) and Feaston Lab (HK) at the Catalyst.


New art forms always seem to have a habit of getting on people’s nerves, and the Catalyst is delighted to follow that tradition by presenting you an evening of two art troupes who challenge the spectators by pushing our stereotypical appreciation of sound based performance art beyond familiar limits. Both Katz Mulk and Feaston are boundary-pushing virtuosos manipulating costumes, images, sounds, convention of social codes and audiences’ interactions in order to touch our emotions and intellect, nudging fears and desires in new ways that is at the same time amusing, provocative, evocative, disquieting, spellbinding and beautiful. 

The Catalyst gallery will be divided and restructured into more or less independent stages for these artists. Double trouble Mano e Mano has no prescribed course, no line laid down to follow, connections and coherence should arise in a cumulative fashion as each set is performed, resulting in multiple exchanges between the spectators and the artists, to bring us beyond the familiar frames of reference that we so often take for granted, and prompt us to look and hear again. See it or miss it, now or never.

What we, katz mulk, will be doing at Xevarion is a version of sick of you, a minimalist/maximalist fairground collage of songs; costume changes; endless cassette loops & movement. Sometimes cohering, sometimes disjointed, Sick of you is an opera of sorts about playing; that is the kind of play described by the child psychologist DW Winnicott refracted through a narrative of play as paid labour. Katz mulk like the idea of th
e spontaneous gesture oozing from song like tree sap that can be distilled into something you'll gamely put on your morning oats. For this iteration of sick of you we'll be working with 2 Hong Kong-based artists/dancers. Sick of you also features costume design by Mary Hurrell and technology design by Chris Ball. Neither will join us on the residency, but they are integral to the project, which couldn't have been realised without them. -KM


雙煞鬼才Mano e Mano

Katz Mulk (UK) Feaston Lab (HK)The Catalyst上演的一席奇幻旅程。


嶄新的藝術形式總是無可避免地觸動大眾本來經已衰弱的神經。是次The Catalyst也毫不例外地為各位獻上一場加速心跳、混淆思緒、嘗試再次衝破死角的多媒體表演-兩隊分別來自英國的Katz Mulk及本地龍Feaston的藝術家們將會在一個月黑風高的晚上,展現其一貫的非傳統魔法,以特製的服裝、佈置、聲音、符號來挑逗觀眾的感官,企圖藉此既有趣又帶點挑舋,既不安又使人著迷的混搭來刺激觀眾的大腦細胞。雙煞鬼才Mano e Mano將會把Catalyst的畫廊空間切割成不同舞台,任由兩組藝術家穿梭之間,沒有固定路線、惱人的框架,使觀眾在意外碰撞中享受這席流動的饗宴。


Katz Mulk為大家所呈現的是一齣玩味盎然的歌劇Sick of You-將畫廊搖身一變成為他們隨心所欲的遊樂場。無限循環的卡式錄音帶配上以極簡音符拼貼而成的趣味樂曲,順應而生的肢體動作,時以連貫,時以支離破碎。這場舞者、空間與音樂的遊戲,一如兒童心理學家DW Winnicott所言的遊戲真我,便是Katz Mulk所探索的即興世界。Sick of You將連同2位香港本地舞者,穿起由今次未能到港的Mary Hurrell所特別設計的服裝,在另一位同樣無法前來的程式設計師Chris Ball的遙距付出下合作演出。

6th May 2023, 6:30pm
The Catalyst: G/f, No.2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan

Katz mulk is a multi-disciplinary performance group deeply embedded in the UK's experimental underground community. Featuring group mainstays Ben Morris and Ben Ellul-Knight, with a rotating cast of collaborating artists they have been working together since 2017. Katz mulk have developed a reputation in the UK for their mind-boggling live performances, infusing dance, sculpture, and choreography in their slippery experimental electronic pop. As a group they celebrate the possibilities of opening up their sound-world and performance environments to chance meetings and cohabitation with others. Katz mulk have released music on various labels including Klammklang and Cafe OTO's digital only label TakuROKU.

Katz Mulk是在英國地下實驗藝術界扎根已久的跨媒體表演團隊。隊中的兩位中流砥柱分別為Ben MorrisBen Ellul-Knight,並與他們自2017年起合作的不同藝術家在各地進行演出。Katz Mulk以其出奇嶄新的現場演出而在英國廣為所知,擅長把舞蹈、雕塑、形體設計巧妙地融合到他們製作的實驗電子音樂當中。他們志在發掘更多聲音與空間的可能性,透過與各樣的藝術家交流來尋找別外生面的表演形式。Katz Mulk亦曾於獨立唱片公司KlammklangCafe OTOTakuROKU發行自己的音樂。


Purveyor of Hong Kong local mojo Feaston will be raising and demolishing sculptures of sounds with a wildcat selection of various found objects. A card game is embedded into the set as a means to instruct each other and to disrupt the flow. Their unlikely collaboration with Katz Mulk suggests a ʁedeconstruction stratagem diving head first into a total experimentation of the performative environment, which promised chaos from the word go.

香港地膽Feaston將帶同他們四處搜獲的古怪收藏來到畫廊實行對聲音的盡情肆意破壞及重組,並把表演節奏交托於出其不意的紙牌遊戲之上。他們與Katz Mulk這場不可能之解構解構主義大合奏無疑是一種對表演藝術的極致實驗!

also with dancers Christine He and Ice Wong

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