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2021. 08. 28-29

Drawings from J6 

Яachel Lee

We are pleased to present our upcoming special event "Drawings from J6" by Яachel Lee.

With an attempt to merge and explore the betwixt and between, the artist reconstructs her psychiatric ward through intimate diary drawings. A live performance entitled FRIENDSNIP will take place: a continuation of artist’s Hair I am series, performances using hair cutting as a means to redefine her familial relationship.

A live performance FRIENDSNIP (Hair I Am series): 28th August 2021 at 3pm.
Installation and drawings: 28th-29th August 2021.
The Catatlyst: 
No.2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, HK
Opening Hours: 1230-1830


自由藝術者Яachel Lee以其日記式畫作重塑那間極度私密的J6號精神病房,上演其 Hair I am 系列中的 FRIENDSNIP行為表演,剖白她的內心世界。


FRIENDSNIP 行為表演 (Hair I Am 系列) - 2021年8月28日下午3時正
畫作及裝置 - 2021年8月28-29日
開放時間:1230 - 1830

Artist Bio

Яachel Lee (b.1996, Vancouver, Canada) is currently on a break from Law School, having previously graduated with First-class Honours in BA(Hons) Intermedia at the Edinburgh College of Art in 2018. Her work is an embodiment of her experience as a neurodiverse Chinese Canadian Catholic woman in a society where truth is relative. Now a commissioned artist in Hong Kong, her art practice consists of performance art, film photography (shooting exclusively with Holga), weaving kitsch candy coloured tapestries, and laboriously executing digital illustrations on Photoshop via Macbook Trackpad.

Instagram: @racheeeeek

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