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Fanzine Issue I - Spartacus

Enslaved, alone, hopeless and condemned, histories have shown us time and again that a simple idea of one mere mortal can sometimes cross unsurmountable thresholds and spread like uncontrollable wildfire, bring down empires, break iron fists, renew our rigor mortis perspectives and ultimately provide head space for shaping a different future.


The Catalyst以Spartacus這位悲劇英雄作為我們將在5月自家出版的雜誌首刊的靈魂人物。我們面對的不單單是這個世界日復日永無間斷的殘酷衝擊,還有每天起床鏡中見到那張長滿厚繭了無知覺的僵屍面孔


Limited edition of 222 copies

Please email to or visit our Carousell page for purchase.

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