Fanzine ISSUE #1

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Are you Spartacus?


Enslaved, alone, hopeless and condemned, histories have shown us time and again that a simple idea of one mere mortal can sometimes cross unsurmountable thresholds and spread like uncontrollable wildfire, bring down empires, break iron fists, renew our rigor mortis perspectives and ultimately provide head space for shaping a different future.

The Catalyst proposes to commemorate such tragically heroic aspiration with the pilot issue of our new fanzine comes what May 2022, under this premise – Are you Spartacus? A simple question where any attempt for an answer will require one to bear the risks of re-examining our fundamental relationship not only to the world, but most importantly with ourselves: a state of psychological nakedness, the realisation of the fear that’s been dictating the narrative up until now. Fear of pain, fear of change, fear of the unknown has led us here – a here without now and consequently, without future.

The Catalyst is calling for all Spartacus, wherever you are, to come forward and contribute to the cause, share with us your hidden gladiatorial spirit. The publication will cover most topics such as music, arts, film, literature, philosophy to name but a few, and we are open to all other parallel interests that inspire and / or foment change to the new dark age that is currently underway.

Please provide us with a brief outline of your proposed piece at your earliest convenience by replying to this message. Your article needs to be submitted for selection before 28th April 2022, with all photos / illustration attached, to

We are waiting, and counting the days.

Spartacus' body was never found.