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The mission of the Xevarion Institute is to promote and support avant-garde art in Hong Kong and China.


The grant program is a key part of the Institute’s approach. The scope of the program is broad - we welcome applications by individuals and organizations for a wide variety of purposes and art forms.


In keeping with our mission, we aim to support projects that involve producing art that is experimental/original to its audience, or that provide a platform/venue for artists to bring such work to a larger audience.


Beyond this core purpose, we also prefer to support projects that would have difficulty obtaining funding from mainstream sources. Examples of this include art with challenging or sensitive subject matter, informal/underground venues, or work by artists outside the mainstream art community.


In addition, we look for projects that will make efficient use of funds.


The output of the project may be in any language. We have no preference between languages.

Application instructions

Our grant consideration process is informal; there is no application form or required format. Broadly speaking, your goal in writing to us should be to convince us that

  1. you have a plan for how you’re going to use the grant prudently to achieve something creative, and

  2. you have the capability and expertise necessary to execute your plan.


You should feel free to try to achieve that however you want. That said, we would appreciate it if you provide the following information:

  1. Your budget, with as much detail as possible about how the grant will be used, which items are necessary and which are optional, and any potential sources of income. If you have or are seeking other sources of funding or support (e.g. residency, venue sponsor), please mention it.

  2. Examples of your/your group’s previous works or experience that demonstrate your ability to bring your plan to fruition.

  3. The intended reach / audience of your project, and what impact you intend for your project to have on its audience.

Please submit your proposal in English to

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