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HolyMoley Matrimony

26th March – 16th April, 2023

Tomato Speedy

Wedding Ceremony Live:26th March,5pm

“Hot on the heels of love, waiting for help from above”

The Catalyst guiltily presents you, against the best of advice, HolyMoley Matrimony, the first solo exhibition by Hong Kong’s very own indie rebel-animator, Tomato Speedy.

A sometime collaborator with 3rd Wave’s propaganda programme, Tomato Speedy’s diverging inspirations and ‘misguided’ artistic paths often reflect and draw from her double life as a bar owner of a clandestine Izakaya restaurant, over too many drinking conversations with an expansive range of customers and friends from different ends of the social spectrum.

For HolyMoley Matrimony, Tomato will be handcrafting a site-specific, multi-media installation to coincide the celebration of her holy union, by performing an official matrimonial ceremony in public on Sunday 26th March, 2023 at 5pm, with drinks reception. Limited places, RSVP your attendance to

Tomato Speedy 

從少精力十足 ,幻想特別多,畫幅畫都會坐唔定,全body都過度活躍 。有天,覺得淨係畫一幅畫已滿足唔到我嘅靈感,點解唔畫會郁嘅畫,開始了動畫路。藝術大學畢業後投身了居酒屋,跟不同的客人飲酒暢談多個夜晚,有聚有散,關係確奇妙。


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