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25 April - 3 May 2021 

Interdimensional PORTAL

Jessica Chan & Haze the Human

opening: 25 April 1800-2100

We have successfully invented interdimensional travel.

Chinese flower cannons are traditional paper sculptures that invite the gods from heaven to the village and bestow their blessing upon us. The original goal of this exhibition was to showcase this traditional art craft and wishes that the gods can free the world from disease, hunger, war and disasters.

But if we can ask the gods to come to our realm through this device, why couldn't we do it the other way around and visit their dimension? This question drives us to dig deeper and look into the mechanic and science behind the paper craft, and we found the answer.

This is an exhibition of traditional and cutting edge future tech installations. This is also an extra-terrestrial polaroid NFT exhibition.

Come have a look, you won't regret it.





no.2,Po Yan Street,

Sheung Wan,





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