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2022. 12. 26

Just Say Cheese


When you’re done with Christmas*, the Catalyst warmly invite you to bring with you a piece of cheeseϠ and join us for some melting fun. Drinks and conversations plus film screening, a night to remind ourselves how life used to be.


7:30 PM

Monday 26th December, 2022.
At the Catalyst



*Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ but instead is a mixture of occult / pagan practices of the old. The drunken merrymaking, exchanging of gifts, hanging ‘decorations’ on pine trees, etc. came from the festival of Saturnalia (a festival to the god, Saturn) and the date, December 25, was an adaptation of the birthday of Mithra (the sun god), it’s not unreasonable to say that we all have been living in lies.


 Ϡ We recommend the following types of cheese for a good fondue: Fontina, Gruyère, Gouda, Comté, Emmentaler, raclette, vacherin.

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