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3rd Wave Creativity Course 4

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Nov 2023 - May 2024




2nd Jan 2024

It only hurts the 1st time

3rd Wave and the Xevarion Institute are proud to present the launch of our new programme, L’Art de Triomphe, and as a starter a series of artist dinners where conversations flow while food is being served. Those who are hungry for ideas are most welcomed to join.

Limited plates and cutleries available, RSVP by DM or email. Please include your name and number of guests (max. 2). First come first serve basis, without prejudice.

Come dine with our 4 participants and course leader and disruptor Frederique Decombe. L’Art de Triomphe will head over to Paris in mid-February for a 2-week residency where participants will engage in studio visits, workshops, artists meeting as well as calling on exhibitions and concerts. History will be revisited, ideas will be challenged and opinions will be questioned.

3rd Wave與Xevarion Institute聯手炮制的新搞作-L’art de Triomphe-將會為大家帶來一系列美酒伴佳餚的晚宴,與我們4位學員、課程導師Frederique Decombe以及在即將在位的你們一起把酒當歌,藝術文學生活咩都講,有嗰句講嗰句!歡迎所有飢不忍睹飢不擇食的有志人士參與。


L’art de Triomphe學員將在明年2月前往巴黎來一個藝術溫故知新之旅:探訪當地藝術家工作室、展覽、工作坊。



2nd Night
25th Jan 2024


This artists dinner is all about celebrating the taco as a metaphor for how each of us is constantly creating our own unique spaces by choosing what we fill our time with.

Join us as we unleash our inner taconistas and dive into a DIY taco bar extravaganza! 🌮❤️ Customize your taco masterpiece while mingling with fellow artists and sparking captivating conversations. Who knew tacos could be so deep?

Indulge in tantalizing flavors, and let the taco magic ignite your imagination! 🌮✨ Let's taco 'bout how we're crafting our own paths and surrounding ourselves with the most amazing people and experiences.

Soy Sauce French Toast

Hybrid of Hong Kong and France sounds like something in ivory tower or completely non sense. But Like La Haine (1995) and Made in Hong Kong (1997) seems relatable to each other. It could actually be academic or down to earth. As for cultural exchange and for everyone to get to know each other (a little bit) more deeply. Let’s have a local Hong Kong-style home dinner and mix some French elements. 
Come dine with us and see how’s the mixture!

香港溝法國聽落好似九唔搭八或者離哂地,但其實La Haine (1995) 同香港製造 (1997) 都可以擺埋一齊睇,既可離地又可貼地。文化交流嘛,為咗令大家互相深入認識(多少少),咁就搞一場好「地」嘅港式home dinner再溝啲法國元素。


3rd Night
28th Jan 2024



4th Night
1st Feb 2024


Panem et Circenses
Artist (w/o  _ _ _ ) Dinner (w/o  _ _ _ _ )
by Shadow _ _ _

3rd Wave Studio
01/Feb/2024 | 06:66PM

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