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2021. 06. 06

LocalMotive Field Day

Local artists, Graduates from LocalCourse

The Xevarion Institute & 3rd Wave are pleased to invite you to the LocalMotive field day on Sunday 6th June from 3 to 6pm.

Let the homies give you the lowdowns and the what's up about what is hanging at the Catalyst right now. Get real with our local heroes Orange Terry and Mr Wan. Big it up for the new kids on the block, howl a rebel's yell for the grand masters who are still shredding it.


Please join us around a cup of tea.

The Xevarion Institute3rd Wave誠意邀請閣下前來我們於今個星期日6月6日下午3-6時舉行的作品導賞團,各展品的創作者將濟濟一堂,向大家現身說法。請勿錯過,只此一場!

Exhibition展覽 : LocalMotive
At the Catalyst: No.2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, HK 


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3rd Wave logomark.png
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