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2021. 09. 25

Repo Populace

Various Artists

Treat yourself for an evening of freakish electronic throbs, pulses, thuds and beats at the Catalyst comes 25th September 2021. Yes, it’s a Saturday so you do not have much of an excuse.

The artists presented here will do their utmost to engage their audience with their uniquely eccentrically provocative manner – this is free range deconstruction, organic calamity that disregard what lies at the end of the gig. There’s no off switch until the last sound secreted from the house P.A. and we hope that it shall continue to disturb you after the lights are off, unto the unforeseeable future.

Ticket price is extraordinarily affordable and it’s not like there are better things to do, anymore. Come, stay, listen, be confused and so be it. Get your ticket online via Eventbrite, or ticket at the door.

Kicks off around 6pm, ear plugs if you’re really that worried

全力轟炸 訓身埋單

超值門票 冚家狂歡

7位陀地(下)音樂怪人將於9月25日(星期六)在The CATALYST於一個睇落同今日琴日聽日都一鳩樣的星期六晚帶來無間斷的電音獻祭 !

Line up:
Scott Young, Feaston, Alok, Nerve

Meter Room, Sin:Ned, Fiona Lee

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