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The Dark Show

Art somewhere in between 2 and 3 dimensions

19th November 2021 – 30th January 2022

“Now it’s dark…”
- Frank Booth, Blue Velvet

Darkness, as a metaphor, can contain everything and nothing. It signifies a round nought of zero as well as the ovum awaiting impregnation: the very fabric of life. Joy and terror, tears of laughter and tears of pain.


The Dark Show brings together a tour de force by 8 local and international artists working primarily in two dimensional medium, though the liminal nature and the ambiguity of their artistic pursuits often manifest beyond their own individual or collective thresholds, creating an alternative portal / dimension somewhere in between - where sense, meaning, value is no longer given in a traditional perspective. The presence of absence, under and against the superordinate sign of exchange value, where images and stories have to be reinvented on a new terrain: reterritorialised, redimensionalised.


The liminality of darkness in this sense, is far from what is normally conceived almost exclusively in terms of constriction, stasis, and prohibition. The vastitude of enablements and probabilities which are opened up by this marking out of a frontier, in Heideggarian hermeneutic phenomenology, is but a beginning, a condition of becoming. Here, the absence of the ‘real’ is reduced to an opinion, and such opinion has now vanished, in the dark. That the singular form of reality has disappeared with it, and realities are serial-produced in the Dark Show, where the individual artist claims his / her own reality and / or state of consciousness, re-presenting their visions transcendentally. Together, these artists violate the logic of everyday spatiotemporal order, transgressing orientation and fiction, under the cloak of darkness.    


The Dark show marks an other line of intensity, other points of orientation, a dispersion of concepts and figures of subjectivation, to bring us the actualisation of the elusive, hitherto previously overlooked liminal practice: an uncanny experience of the stranger, other self.

Valnoir            Lai Tat Tat Wing          Graphicairlines

        Li Chi Tak                leeeeeetoy               OVERLOADDANCE

                  s  l  y                   wongszechit   






太初有道,地是空虛混沌, 淵面幽暗。空穴來風,萬象卻從虛而出, 瞬刻幽邃沉潛, 如日影飛去。是天命的安排抑或是哭笑的厄運。


黑系時代騷,近墨者黑。愧集了八位顯赫非凡,蜚聲國際的中外各路二維美藝豁達豪傑, 意念凝光閃墜,衝破藩籬, 於二次元與三次完之始終另闢一重天,是倫常邏輯相忘無形逆時背度之一粟。是無的放矢,亦是重新闡釋宇宙,望八方而馳,溯其源,思之而惑,惑之而悲, 變幻離奇,各夢其夢,夢為如何亦作遐思, 於二重和三重世界之端另闢維度空間。


在過去與未來之間的之間,如鏡中影子反照鏡影自身距離,失真回饋,反響對峙,刺透所有令人窒息的不能,帶來的是從亙古到永遠的無邊際或然性,成就不可能的可能, 如海德格詮釋現象學道之,是造就一切的開端。 何謂真 ,今一無所聞。唯一念,於幽幽之處。言心之靈明與精神當下即是,破迷袪執,黑系時代,以空之無物,無聲之聲施其壓力, 馳思萬物重新視野,自強出發,抵銷時空矛盾阻隔,又迅即隱身於虛妄之中。



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