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The Sparkle: Not alive yet bright


Sharmaine KWAN, Johan F. HOORN, and David HANSON

8th July 2021  to 15th August 2021

Opening: 8th July 2021, 1830

Special Appearance by Sophia of Hanson Robotics on 13th, 14th, 15th August, 2021

This exhibition of creative robots, poetry from the command prompt, urban signs, and innovative calligraphy emerged from the idea that art ‘does not live’ but does carry the sparkle, is capable of touching people. ‘Artifices’ such as robots and computer systems are not alive but do create art or can come up with intelligent solutions. Which tells us that physical nature is inherently creative, a secret but exciting message from artificial life!

“… and the world wonders.” (Quote from Alice R50)

Opening Talk: "The creativeness of the universe and how robots tap into its sparkles" by Prof. Hoorn at 19:00, 8th July 2021.
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