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2021. 06. 13

Wan Workshop 尹.工作坊

Mr. Wan


Wan Workshop - Almost Art
We are thrilled to present you a unique workshop this Sunday by our local hero, Mr. Wan - the owner of 7 handmade artefacts in our current LocalMotive exhibition. Mr. Wan is a former interior designer and now work as a professional roller shutter maintenance/ repairer who performs magic on leftover materials for over a decade. You are invited to enjoy his magic show and a talk with Mr. Man.

尹.工作坊 - 差不多藝術
今個星期日我們很榮幸能再次邀請現時LocalMotive展覽七件展品的創作者尹新華先生來臨The Catalyst向各位即席示範他化腐朽為神奇的手藝,在場人士更有機會落手試整,並與尹先生一同席地而坐傾下講下。

時間Time: 1530-1700

展覽Exhibition : LocalMotive
At the Catalyst: No.2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, HK 


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